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Lease & Finance Offers from Mercedes-Benz of Flagstaff

Shopping for a new vehicle for your daily drives through Flagstaff is an exciting opportunity. Not only can you explore our variety of new SUV and sedan models, but you can save on your new vehicle lease or purchase with our Mercedes-Benz lease and finance offers. Whether you’re looking for a Mercedes-Benz convertible lease or a Mercedes-Benz E-Class lease, Mercedes-Benz of Flagstaff has a variety of offers available for all types of drivers. Learn more about the differences between leasing and financing below, then browse our Mercedes-Benz finance and lease specials!

Leasing vs. Financing: Which is Right for You?

Choosing between a Mercedes-Benz G-Class wagon lease special and a Mercedes-Benz financing offer can be difficult if you’re not sure which option is best for you. There are many benefits to both options, but your decision will ultimately depend on your budget, how long you plan to own the vehicle, and your personal preferences. Read more about each option below:


In general, leasing is the best option for drivers in Sedona who want the latest Mercedes-Benz model without the hassles that come with car ownership. At the end of your lease term, you’ll return your vehicle to the dealership, and you can pick a new model if you choose. Learn more about leasing below:

  • Lower Payments: Depending on the vehicle you lease, your monthly payments or down payments will be lower if you choose a Mercedes-Benz E-Class lease than if you finance a car. 
  • Lower Sales Tax: When you lease a vehicle, you’ll pay a lower sales tax on your down payments and monthly payments in most states.
  • Trade-Ins: Trading in your vehicle for a new one at the end of your lease is a simple and easy process.
  • Great Coverage: Leased Mercedes-Benz vehicles come with excellent warranty coverage. As long as you remain within your lease terms, your vehicle will be protected by the dealership or a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Options: When you lease a vehicle, you can easily get the latest models with the most up to date technology every couple of years.


Financing a Mercedes-Benz is the best option for Prescott drivers who plan on owning their vehicle for a long time. Financing a vehicle allows you to modify it and drive it without fear of mileage limits. Learn more about financing below:

  • No Mileage Restrictions: If you have a long commute or if you frequently use your Mercedes-Benz to drive around Cottonwood or across state lines, buying may be the better option for you. With no mileage limits, you can drive without worrying about fees or penalties. 
  • Total Ownership: When you finance a vehicle, you will own the vehicle in full after you make your last payment. This means you can customize your vehicle with paint, parts, and more!
  • Ability to Sell: You can choose to sell your vehicle to a friend, family member, or to a third party whenever you please.
  • Financing Options: The car financing process is generally more straightforward than the leasing process. Financing is open to those without perfect or even good credit scores, plus you can refinance your vehicle at a lower rate as your credit improves.
  • Less Cost Over Time: Buying a vehicle is more expensive than leasing up front, but over time you’ll be paying less as you pay off your loan and keep to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Get a Mercedes-Benz Lease or Finance Offer Today!

Whether you decide on a Mercedes-Benz convertible lease or a Mercedes-Benz financing offer, the friendly staff at Mercedes-Benz of Flagstaff will help you get the vehicle you want at an excellent price. Use our online financing calculator to plan your monthly budget, then contact our finance team when you’ve found an offer that’s right for you. Contact us today, as we look forward to putting you behind the wheel of a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle!