What Are the Best Apps to Help You Maintain Your Vehicle

August 30th, 2018 by

One of the most crucial aspects of owning a Mercedes-Benz is maintaining it properly. Unfortunately, finances, time, and other issues often interfere with proper maintenance. Still, no one wants to end up broken down on the side of the road.

The good news is that there are numerous apps to help you stay on top of car maintenance without the hassle. These apps offer simple, convenient solutions for remembering when to change your oil, tires, or perform routine maintenance. Read on to learn about 14 of the best apps (all free!) for helping you stay on top of vehicle maintenance.

1. aCar for Care Management and Mileage

This hugely popular app – with over a million downloads – is beloved for good reason. It helps you track and manage every last detail when it comes to your vehicle. Its clear, user-friendly interface allows for simple, quick data input.

2. DIY Car Maintenance

This highly-rated, simple app in the Google Play store offers step-by-step instructions for various maintenance tasks including changing oil, checking fluids, changing the cabin filter, and changing flat tires. The steps include images to make the information easier to follow.

3. Drivvo

Drivvo’s highly-rated app helps you easily manage service costs and vehicle maintenance. It features a calculator for determining fuel mileage and also shows your vehicle’s average daily fuel consumption. Additional features include maintenance records, distance statistics, reminders, and more.

4. Just Drive

This app features an interactive map that details local car services, user recommendations, service history, and insurance renewal reminders.

Just Drive is very user-friendly and also allows you to get in touch with individuals who have the same car as you.

5. Car Maintenance Service and Fuel

This Android app helps determine the overall cost of keeping your vehicle running. It keeps track of fuel expenses, insurance, servicing, and maintenance. The app works smoothly and features a clean, simple interface.

6. Car Problems and Repairs

Although this app is somewhat full of ads, it is still great for saving money on car maintenance. It assists you in diagnosing and repairing issues with your vehicle.

Information regarding car troubles is neatly organized into sections to make it easy to find causes and fixes.

7. Mycarfax

Using Carfax’s service data, Mycarfax offers a host of benefits. Users can check service history, track repairs for a total of 5 vehicles, receive maintenance alerts, and more.

The app can be personalized by using a photo of your car. The app can also keep you up to date on any recalls.

8. Fuelio

If keeping track of your vehicle’s fuel usage and finding ways to cut costs is your main priority, this may be a great app for you. This app provides you with information on the closest gas station and their current gasoline prices. This allows you to shop around for the best deals without even leaving your home!

With this app, you can keep track of your car’s fuel consumption, fuel expenses, mileage, service fees, and more. You can also determine your fuel efficiency. This app also gives you the ability to store data using Google Drive or Dropbox, keeping your information protected and preventing your device from crashing.

9. Ifixit

This open-source app covers a wide range of categories. Along with game consoles, electronics, computer hardware, and appliances, this app also features a section dedicated to vehicle repairs. Not only can you keep up to date on vehicle maintenance, but you can get to work on house repairs too!

10. AUTOist

The AUTOist app covers everything from trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles, and even airplanes! It allows you to organize your vehicle records electronically, including gas economy logs.

It also reminds you to do key maintenance tasks and can be used to manage multiple vehicles.

11. Car Maintenance Reminder Lite

Reminder Lite gives you the ability to get service reminders, follow mileage totals and costs, and log services. It also allows you to design customized service reminders with your own part numbers, mechanic contact info, appointment times, and service maintenance reminders.

12. Speedview GPS Speedometer

If you like to know every last detail about your driving, this is the app for you. This advanced speedometer using a built-in GPS system in your Android device to show you your average, maximum, and current driving speed. It can also show you the total distance, direction, and amount of time spent driving.

13. Gasbuddy

If conserving gas is important to you, GasBuddy can help. This app determines the cheapest local gas prices. By strategically planning where to fill up your vehicle, you can save money and hassle.

14. Carango

If you own multiple vehicles, keeping track of all the information on them can be tricky. This is where Carango can help.

This helpful Android app allows you to organize maintenance, service costs, mileage, and fuel use for each vehicle.

Closing Thoughts

If you struggle to stay updated on your vehicle’s needs, these apps can provide you with a convenient way to keep your car running efficiently and smoothly. By keeping up with oil changes and other important repairs, you can avoid car catastrophes and even improve your vehicles resale value.

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